Two years ago while remodeling my own kitchen, I created original glass inserts for my kitchen cabinets. The texture of the glass panels obscures any objects inside of the cabinets, and the light hitting the panels illuminates the entire kitchen. The cabinets glow brightly in both natural and artificial light. I loved the result, and was inspired to share my discovery by creating original glass for all types of kitchen cabinets. I have found that fused glass allows for endless possibilities, much like the traditional stained glass and sandblasted glass techniques I have worked with in the past.

In addition to the cabinets, I offer original handmade fused-glass bowls and napkin holders in matching and/or complimentary styles and colors to complete the look of the room.

Special Features:

• A variety of color combinations available

• Original designs ranging from traditional to contemporary

• Lustrous texture reflecting both artificial light and sunlight

• Designs extending through two or more cabinet doors

Additional options:

• Laminated for safety

• Mirrored

• Stained glass

• Sandblasted glass

• Combination of techniques

For additional information and pricing contact: artiliastudio@gmail.com503.964.3827