Glass is an amazing material. Even the best picture cannot adequately show its transparency and light reflecting beauty. The object made of glass changes as the light shines on it, sometimes to the extent of changing the color completely. Glass can be fragile but with the modern technology of laminating projects of all sizes are feasible. I feel my appreciation for the beauty of glass means I was predestined to work with the medium, and training in the specialized School of Glassmaking in Czechoslovakia gave me the necessary technical skills.

• Stained glass is a centuries old technique which continues to have a place in modern or traditional architecture. The light coming through the stained glass window brings amazing color reflections into the interior of the house.

• Sandblasting is a technique of blowing sand on glass from an air gun and creating more a subtle white or foggy effect. By applying and peeling stencils shaded or carved design can be created.

• We provide original designs.

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